What is the most popular means of transport in your country?
Most people in my country travel by car.

How do you go to school or work?
I prefer bus due to its convenience. I enjoy reading books while sitting on the bus.

How often do you take busses?
Every day. I went to school by bus 2 years ago, and the bus is still my best choice.

Do people in your country like traveling by bus?
Not really, they have their own cars.

What are some benefits of traveling by bicycle?
It’s a good way of doing exercise. We can protect our environment as well.

Do you prefer public transport or private transport?
Public transport is much cheaper.

Do you think bus should replace other means of transport?
Sure. In the future, busses should be used widely by commuters.

What do the government do to encourage people to use public transport?
It’s a good idea to make public transport as convenient as private transport. Besides, more campaigns should be launched to raise the awareness of protecting our environment.

How has the transport changed recently?
There are more cars in a household now than before, which partly leads to traffic jams in some cosmopolitan cities.

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