“Walk” in a Sentence (with Audio)

Examples of how to use the word “walk” in a sentence. How to connect “walk” with other words to make correct English sentences.

walk (v, n): to move along by putting one foot in front of the other, allowing each foot to touch the ground before lifting the next; a journey that you make by walking, often for enjoyment

Use “walk” in a sentence

He permitted them to walk in the garden.
We walked more quickly than usual.
I’d rather walk than take a bus.
Nothing makes me feel more relaxed than a walk on the beach.
I often walk along the river with my dog.
‘I can walk home’. ‘Don’t be silly – it’s too far!’
She slipped and fell while walking down the stairs.
He is walking very slowly.
He just walked through the door.
He is walking toward the station.
I walk to school every day.
May I go out for a walk?
She advised him to walk instead of taking a bus.

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